The Granary Deli | Cheese Care
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Looking after your cheese

Factory cheese is made to eat as it emerges from the factory. It will not change or ‘mature’. It is therefore best kept in the fridge, but keep it wrapped so that it does not dry out.

Most of our cheeses are hand made and will change as they mature. A little more care therefore needs to be taken with them. Our best advice is to buy exactly what you need to eat and to keep it in the wrap we sell it to you in.

Then keep it in ‘cellar-like’ conditions until you need it. This might be a cool ‘spare’ bedroom, garage or cupboard. An hour or two hours before planning to eat the cheese bring into the room where you will eat it, to allow the cheese to ‘warm up’.

Biscuits or Bread?

We believe it’s a matter of taste. Some prefer bread, others prefer biscuits or crackers. The French prefer no accompaniment and the Scottish prefer oatcakes.

The cheese may also influence your choice of cracker. We sell very good biscuits for cheese, including oatcakes, fine water biscuits and a range of Millers Damsels crackers. We also sell the Fine Cheese range of crackers and biscuits. All our cheese biscuits are made without hydrogenated fat.