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Frequently Asked Questions


How much cheese do I need per person?


For after diner we recommend about 90g per person, if the cheese is the meal then about 110g-120g per person and then for large events like parties and weddings we recommend about 90g per person even if not all the guests are expected to eat the cheese, this allows for people to come back to the cheese during the event and allows for a small amount to left over.


How should I store my cheese?


In the main it should stored in the bottom of the fridge and then taken out about 4 hours before the meal, sometimes if there is a spare un-heated room this is useful to be used at busy times like Christmas when fridge space may be limited, it is best to re use the packaging that the cheese came in and if possible also put it into a small cardboard box as well.


How many cheeses should I get for a dinner party or party?


We always advise people to buy as few as possible, so either one show-stopping cheese or three types so that there is a hard, a soft and a blue. As you will know your guests you may want to add a small specialist goat or sheep cheese to the offering. The key thing to remember is that there needs to be enough of the main cheeses for everyone to get some so a large mix of little bits although tempting is never a great idea for a gathering of more than two.


How long should my cheese last?


It is best to buy your cheese at the last possible moment before you need it because it will start to dry as soon as it is cut, having said that it will generally last a lot longer than you think. Harder cheeses will last longer than the softer ones and at home I keep them for about a week and if some mould forms then I scrape this of with side of a knife. Softer cheese will dry out quicker and it usually easy to spot when they are drying but three of four days is ok for small bits but the larger the piece of cheese the longer it will last. In summary if you can ask your cheese monger when you buy your cheese then that would be best so that they can judge from the size of the cheese and the type. 

Remember that you can freeze cheese and it will come out of the freezer in pretty much the same state it went in but will not mature any further once it has been frozen.


Why does the weight of the cheese the cheese ordered on line vary?


We aim to cut the cheese as accurately as possible but even with years of practice it is difficult to get it right every time, so we aim to compensate on some cheeses if we under- cut any others, we always weigh the total cheese quantity to make sure that we have over rather than under compensated.


Great care is taken to ensure that all of our products reach you in perfect condition.

Delivery is next working day Tuesday to Friday for mainland UK if ordered before 12 o'clock midday Monday to Thursday.

Free local delivery to Watlington when you order online (£30 minimum spend).

Further Questions?


Please contact us if you have further questions to do with the products we sell or services we offer.

Thank you!

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