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Swiss Cheese Selection

Dolly (sheep - 200g) -


Emmental (200g) - The king of Swiss cheeses, Emmental is famous for its cratered appearance and its close-textured, rubbery nature. Slightly salty with a muted tang, this cheese is sweetly aromatic, irresistibly moorish and delicious on cheeseboards, in sandwiches or melted to fondue.


Schlossberger 18 month (200g) - Emmental Vally, Switzerland. Sweet with hints of nuttiness in the Swiss tradition, this young Schlossberger embodies the smoothness of Gruyere and the sweetness of Comte. Irresistibly moorish, this cow's milk cheese is delicious independent of any condiments, but equally well suited to paring with crackers or breads.

Swiss Cheese Selection

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