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Is There An Art To Creating The Perfect Cheeseboard?

Choosing Your Cheeseboard Theme

Well yes, I think there is or at the very least there are some basic principles that result in an attractive and delicious tasting cheese selection to impress your party guests. Things to consider when choosing your cheeses; the most obvious is the consideration of the rest of the menu. Is it seasonal, local or national? Is the menu fresh and simple or decadent and rich? It is important to have a complimenting variety of cheeses so I recommend including a hard, a soft and a blue cheese or you could choose by milk type; cow, sheep and goat all of which have their own unique characteristics. Have fun choosing your cheeseboard theme!

How Much Cheese?

The amount of cheese that you'll need to buy for your cheeseboard is approximately 80-90g per person, in our deli we advise our customers not to over buy because although you may want a little left over so that you are not appearing scrooge-like, you do not want too much left that could go to waste. One thing that I have learnt over the years is that the softer cheeses such as a Brie or a Camembert are the favourites usually devoured first, therefore you should certainly buy more of this variety of cheese than any other. The only thing that I would advise against on your cheeseboard is too many different cheese varieties as there is never enough of any one to go around and the smaller the wedge of cheese, the faster it will dry out.

Which Cheese?

Once you have decided on your soft cheese, I would suggest choosing one of interest, so an unusual variety, maybe one with an interesting story behind it too. I love a mini truckle of Doorstone or a Nettle Cornish Yarg Then opt for a seasonal cheese variety which will be at it's absolute best! A great Spring cheese is our customers' favourite Bavarian Alp Blossom And lastly, as I would generally leave it at three varieties you might consider an 'outlier' like a sheep, goat or washed-rind cheese. I highly recommend locally made goat's cheese Brightwell Ash and sheep's cheese Baby Wigmore Now, you will notice that I have not mentioned blue cheeses yet, but only because they tend to be the third choice, having said that I would always have a blue as the choice is so good and sometimes the meal before dictates a strong tasting cheese to follow. There is only one blue cheese for me and that's Gorgonzola Dolce but you have to be quick when this beauty comes into our Oxfordshire delicatessen as it doesn't stay in stock for long!

Get Creative!

Once you have decided on your cheeseboard selection you can dress it up with a choice of pairings to suit your cheese varieties. We stock a range of delicious chutneys for cheese, mixed nuts, charcuterie, olives, locally baked breads, luxury crackers of all flavours and of course many fine wines that we are very happy to advise you on.

The choice is always yours but the help is always here! For more information do not hesitate to contact us You can also email at or we do love a good old fashioned chat over the phone about all things cheese on 01491 613585

"Delicious food carefully chosen for you"


Cheesemonger at The Granary Deli

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